Call for applicants for Person-centered Arts Practices With Communities: The Artist Training Program
By Community Cultural Development (Singapore) 
Conducted by Dr. Felicia Low
Person-centered Arts Practices with Communities: A Pedagogical Guide was a research initiative supported by the National Arts Council (Singapore).

Level 1: A Beginner's Guide to Arts Practices with Communities:

4th April - 9th May 2020

Fee: $500 

Venue: To be confirmed

This short training programme introduces the concepts and framework of the four dimensions (personal, social, cognitive and cultural) that enable person-centered arts practices to take place with communities. It will also guide participants with methods to craft curriculum, write proposals and evaluations using the person-centered dimensions.

4 April , 10-12pm: Lecture discussion on the Personal Dimension

11 April, 10-12pm: Lecture discussion on the Social Dimension

18 April, 10-12pm: Lecture discussion on the Cognitive Dimension

25 April, 10-12pm: Lecture discussion on the Cultural Dimension

2 May, 10-12pm: Small group workshop session on curriculum planning, proposal writing and approaches to evaluation

Week of 4-9th May onwards : One-to-One tutorial discussion on lesson planning and personal teaching experiences and reflections.

This program is targeted at artists who have experience working with communities. Artists should be interested to create sustainable developmental arts programs that aim to address the communities’ needs.


Key learning objectives:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of how the personal, social, cognitive and cultural dimensions impact on the processes and outcomes of working with communities through the arts.

  • To discuss challenges and solutions to challenges when working with communities across various sectors and abilities.

  • To gain an understanding of how to write proposals and conduct evaluations using the 4 dimensions as a means to address the needs of the community.

  • To discuss and deepen the significance of one’s personal teaching approach and artistic process with communities, against the framework of the 4 dimensions.

Interested applicants  

  • must commit to all 6  sessions.

  • should hold professional qualifications of at least a diploma in any relevant art form and/or have engaged communities through the arts.


Level 2:

Practicum Program: Applying The Person-Centered Dimensions with Communities Through the Arts

Dates: Dependant on the applicant

Fee: $700

Venue: Dependent on the applicant

This programme is aimed at artist-facilitators who work professionally with communities. They should have one ready arts program with a community, which can be used for the purpose of practicum observations and analysis by Dr. Low. At the end of the programme, the participants will be expected to develop a draft proposal for a future programme based on the practicum report, which applies aspects of the 4 dimensions to enhance the quality of the programme.


Program structure:

Week 1-4: Observations and documentation of weekly program with community conducted by the artist-facilitator, by Dr. Low.


Week 5: Completed observational logs and analysis of program by Dr. Low. Face-to face discussion with the artist-facilitator about the significance of the sessions observed.


Week 6: Discussion and submission of draft proposal for a new programme, which applies the 4 dimensions by the artist-facilitator.

For more information please download:

Information Sheet for 2020 application

Download the relevant application forms from the list below

Application form A for Level 1 General Applicants 

Application form A1 for Level 1 and 2 General Applicants 

Application form B for Level 1 and 2 NAC Grant Applicants

Email for more details.

“The consideration of the 4 dimensions of my students in a class is important when I plan my lessons. The focus is not a beautiful end-product but that the social, cognitive, personal and cultural dimension of my students are considered. It has sharpened my observation skill of the individual students in my class.”


Wong Swee Yean, Erudite Stories

Course participant with support from NAC 2019

The main learning points of the course? “Reflexivity about self and self-interaction with others. And toolkit of strategies to address others needs and wants, often not verbally and or clearly articulated, in our interaction and engagement with them.”

Joey SPL, Artist Caravan

Independent course participant 2019

“The highlights of the course are sharing by various participants on their arts programs and the case-study activity of identifying the needs of our own facilitating community, followed by thinking of relevant "person-centered" arts ideas that consider the "four dimensions". The course is enlightening and useful for planning my future curriculum - to better identify and cater to the needs (in the "four dimensions") of the communities.”


Shirley Ho, Art Vessels

Course participant with support from NAC 2019

“Knowing the people is the most valuable part of the course. This course brings people who are zealous and passionate, who are genuinely believing in the value of art.”


Leow Wei Li, Visual Artist, Independent course participant 2019

“Felicia is very clear and balanced in the way she facilitates the course by blending theory and practice. She is always mindful to unpack theory with examples of her own practice.”


Lee Wee Yan, Visual Art Educator, Independent course participant 2019

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